Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to choose a ceiling fan

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

From our research, generally the key recommended considerations are the room size, ceiling height and lighting kits.

1.  Room size: 44” or 54” sized fans?

Firstly, the measurement of the fan sized we were told is NOT measured from the diameter of blade tip spinning path. It was rather complicated and we gave up trying to understand it. If anyone knows please let us know. As recommended by several sellers, for optimal performance:

For room size below 100 square feet 
(typical old HDB 4R common bedroom) - use size around 44”

For room size 100 to 200 square feet 
(typical old HDB 4R master bedroom) - use size around 50”

For room size 200 to 350 square feet 
(typical old HDB 4R living & dining room) - use at least 54”

2.   Ceiling Height

Standard HDB ceiling height are less than generous. Unless the ceiling fan is mounted above a non-walking path eg dining table or bed, the choices are pretty limited. For low ceilings there are a few low profile and flush mount fans available in the market. One of the smallest one we found is the KDK M11SU

3.   Light Kits

Some ceiling fans models come with light kits and most have optional add-on options. It is a good way to mount one more light in the room and saves the cost of an extra light point.

With this in mind, check out our

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  1. The temptation to "save" money on a cheap fan may be hard to resist.

    Perhaps you only want it for a short time or have budget restrictions that give you no option.

    On the other hand, if you can afford it and you are expecting to use the fans for many years, cheap will often cost you more.

    A cheap fan is cheap because it has cut back on quality in many different places. Often it's the motor that was perhaps designed for an entirely different appliance and is not strong enough to run for hours at a time. It is not strong enough to push blades that are big and or that have a decent pitch.

    In other words, the motor will not be strong enough to last and will not be able to push big volumes of air. It won't cool. It will hum. Its motor is likely to overheat and burn out.

    Cheap ceiling fans also cut back on finish and other components. They are more likely to be poorly balanced and will soon wobble and drive you crazy.

    But you can thank cheap fans for being on the market. They push the more expensive fans to discount and that means you can find fans that are listed at say, $500 for sale at $280. Take advantage of that downward pressure on prices and go for a better quality ceiling fan.

    You will enjoy quieter, better cooling and other options that will include superior controls, construction, finish and styling.

    A better quality fan will last longer and more than pay for itself over time.

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