Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lighting Concept- Cost Savings

Cost Comparison

Option 1 Costing:   Our ID's proposal for down lights and cove lights and false ceiling
Original ID with Down Lights and False Ceiling

Install partial false ceiling and light holder (living room and 3 bedrooms) = S$1,730
Lay electrical lighting points: 42nos x S$30ea = S$1,260
Installing lights (labout only): 42 nos x S$8 = S$336
Purchase down lights/ cove florescent tube: 42nos x S$15= S$630

Option 2 Costing:  Traditional way of mounting lightings directly on ceiling or wall

Lay electrical lighting points: 22nos x S$30ea = S$660
Installing lights (labout only): 22 nos x S$8 = S$176
Purchase lights and 3nos. of chandelier: S1,700
Supply and install Cornice: S$330
Increase budget for ceiling fan with lights: S$100

Overall savings Option 2 over Option 1 = S$990
End Result...

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