Saturday, August 7, 2010

False ceiling & Lightings

During the proposal stage, our ID convinced us to install a false ceiling to hide the lighting (Down light and L-lighting) in the ceiling depth. You can see the dismantling of the existing false ceiling and its steel frame.

Interface between Down light, L-light and the false ceiling

Typical Down light
Typical Down light (operable for bulb replacement)
We had some doubts about the proposal as
1. We will loose 150mm of headroom and the
2. L-lighting (aka cove lights) would be difficult to maintain.
3. The above system also required a lot of  lighting points.
For you information, 1 lighting point is required for each independent wiring requirement. That simply means each bulb, fluorescent lamp will require 1 point. Also note it is also subject to the definition of your contract. Mine was charged at about S$30 per point.

However, my better half was so bought over by the romantic ambiance the reflected light would bring, that we budgeted for it in the quotation.

Fortunately for our budget, while searching for the lighting, my wife fell in love with hanging chandeliers that require every inch of headroom available. We finally decided to swap the false ceiling plus approx 30 lighting points for 3 spectacular hanging chandeliers, 2 wall lights and 1 ceiling fan with light. That result in nett saving of almost S$1000.

Without the false ceiling, the wiring's will be covered by the cornice and typical electric capping.
Cornice helps to conceal wires in the absence of a false ceiling
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  1. Thanks for this write-up and clear diagrams, it's really useful! I'm in the same situation, false ceiling or not?

  2. Hi,
    We did not use false ceilings.
    Just the conventional ceiling mounted lights ( and ceiling fan with light kits (

  3. When down-lights are set up in the ceilings of upper floor with just roof space over them, they need not necessarily be fire rated. That is because in this case there is very small risk of fire getting spread via the holes to the buildings' structure. Nevertheless, down-lights with fire ratings have many advantages.

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