Saturday, August 7, 2010


The renovation contract was finally signed with my Interior Designer (ID) and he had his contractors start work ASAP. The contract was accompanied by the agreed scope of work and time frame allowed for completion.

Should there be floor or wall hacking involved in the HDB renovation, the contractor whom is carrying out the works must be a HDB approved contractor. They will apply for the HDB permit on the owner's behalf over the period of renovation. Please take some time to look at the permit carefully. HDB will hold the owner liable for unauthorised works.

Make sure that all demolition works agreed in the contract are clearly mentioned in the HDB approved permit. To protect your own interest, it is a good idea to have an agreed layout drawing attached to the contract.

The other consequence in an unauthorised renovation will surface when you resell the flat. During the resale transaction, HDB has a right to insist the seller (which will be me) to "make good" to the original state. Future money, time and effort can be saved by due today's diligence.

Typically, HDB's work permit includes 3 specified weekdays for heavy hacking. the contractor will try to finish up all the hacking within these 3 days.

Dropping by to spot check on the works, not a pleasant part of the renovation to be monitoring. Gotta be careful not to trip. Remember to wear covered shoes.
Living Room

Long Living Room

Entrance to Kitchen from Living Room


Toilet bowl from the Master bedroom toilet (yucks!)
I recall meeting an elderly neighbour in the lift who was staying at the unit directly below mine. She was complaining to me that she cannot take her afternoon naps due to the noise from the hacking. It is obvious why HDB limits disturbing works to 3 days.

Trying to start on a right foot into the neighbourhood, had to do some PR and talked to the adjacent neighbours and told them about the hacking should end in 2 day's time. :P

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