Monday, August 9, 2010

Improved Toilet layout

For the toilet, we wanted a spacious "hotel toilet" feel. Perharps a lot to ask for on a tight budget.
Our ID had some good input by proposing the following:

1. Shared shower-sink concept.
This concept starts with the removal of the traditional shower glass partition which isolates the space used for sink and shower. Instead the sink-user and shower-user share the same standing spot. The saved space goes on to allow for a large vanity top. To prevent the vanity top from getting wet during shower, a shower curtain is installed.

Old and New Toilet Layout

Previous toilet with Glass Shower Partition
Toilet after renovation (with Vanity Top and shower curtains)

2. Vanity top with sink
The vanity top gives a the sink area a spacious table top and hotel feel (a cheaper version that is). This is in comparison to a tiny sink, usually typical of HDB toilets.

3. Full wall mounted storage cabinet
The wall mounted cabinet provides enough storage to keep the toilet clutter free. ID guy also suggested that the cabinet doors can double up as a mirror. these helps to make the toilet feel more spacious.

Wall mounted Cabinet provided Storage Space

Mirror finished cabinet doors
Also see the Improved Toilet Layout- Feedback Dec 2012

4. White colour was chosen for the wall and floor tile to make the toilet brighter and feel more spacious

5. Installed a cove light under the cabinet for a "hotel feel" (cheapo method)

6. Classy looking toilet bowl:
We chose the Baron Toilet bowl for its classy look (look-a-like TOTO, but at a fraction of the cost), water saving features and position of down-pipe (aka "size" in the dimension below). will do another write up about the toilet bowl "size" as I have learnt a lot the hard way and wanted to save you from the hassle.

As a feedback to all, after several weeks of use, we found that the original toilet seats does not provide comfort for long sitting, probably due to the curved profile. But we decided against changing the seat as it was too much trouble.

Also see Feedback of Water Cabinet Baron W303- 4 years and
Changing Toilet Bowl Seat Cover- Baron W303

7. Other toilet accessories
Purchased most of our toilet accessories from Heritage in Geylang. We were very impressed by Irene's service and knowledge. The other thing we liked was that they offered a best price straight away. No bargaining was entertained. when we compared against other shops, we can only get the same price after a long bargaining session.

Stainless steel toilet bin @ Heritage

Shower Head and holder @ Heritage

Simple Bidget $22 @Heritage

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  1. I think the new reposition for the toilet was a good one, very smart move. Your bathroom looks like it holds so much more vanity now.

    -Bronx Shower Doors

    1. Hi Bronx Shower Doors,

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      We are going to provide a feedback on the toilet layout as a 3-year user soon. Look out for that!

    2. Syukur Alhamdulillah di tahun ini Saya mendapatkan Rezeki yg berlimpah sebab sudah hampir 10 Tahun Saya bekerja di (HONGKONG) tdk pernah menikmati hasil jeripaya saya karna Hutang keluarga Sangatlah banyak namun Akhirnya, saya bisa terlepas dari masalah Hutang Baik di bank maupun sama Majikan saya di Tahun yg penuh berkah ini,
      Dan sekarang saya bisa pulang ke Indonesia dgn membawakan Modal buat Keluarga supaya usaha kami bisa di lanjutkan lagi,dan tak lupa saya ucapkan Terimah kasih banyak kepada AKI DARMO karna Beliaulah yg tlah memberikan bantuan kepada kami melalui bantuan Nomor Togel jadi sayapun berhasil menang di pemasangan Nomor di HONGKONG dan menang banyak
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  2. Hi

    I am interested in "Toilet after renovation (with Vanity Top and shower curtains)"

    Please call me at 97685863.



  3. Hi Jacky,

    Will be happy to answer any queries you have if you can drop me an email me at

  4. Hi Matt, may i know where is the address for Heritage at Geylang. Thks.

    Best regards


  5. Hi Sebastian,

    From our records 4 years ago.
    718 Geylang Road
    Singapore 389630

    Please double check.

    1. Hi Matt, appreciate that....thks alot.



    2. No worries. Hope that helped and good luck with your renovation.

  6. Have you considered exchanging the toilet bowl position with the shower area so that you can have non slippery floor?

    1. Hi,
      Yes we have considered that.
      However, our plumber advised against shifting the location of the toilet bowl discharge outlet, ie keep the toilet bowl in the same position. In fact he mentioned that he won't do it! I do not recall probing further as the risk of a choked sewerage pipe was not appealing to me.

      For most HDBs, the sewerage discharge point is in the floor. If you do not stay in the top floor, you can see in the ceiling of our toilet, the discharge point of your above neighbour's sewerage downpipe.

      In some private residential developments, I was told that the discharge was into the wall. I'm too sure how that worked though.

    2. Many forum people in the MHT and RenoTalk have done it and so I think it is achievable.

  7. You really gave me some ideas and thoughts to consider in improving my bathroom. thanks.

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